Karen Delvin believes that change and renewal are vital for success in business.

Through her coaching and strategic advice practice, Karen Delvin works with board members, senior executives and teams to build a high performing culture that aligns business strategy with social, cultural and environmental goals.

Often described as an astute sounding board for leaders, Karen Delvin understands that transformation is a complex and challenging process for individuals and organisations.

Karen Delvin demonstrates expertise centred on the daily realities of operational and strategic management, presenting with professional integrity, pragmatism and empathy for the pressures facing twenty-first century leaders.

An organisation development specialist with more than 30 years executive management and consulting experience, Karen Delvin has a special interest in how diversity in thinking and experience at board, executive and staff level drives productivity and innovation.

Karen Delvin is the founder and Managing Director of Bridges, a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, holds a Masters in Applied Science (Innovation and Service Management), and has extensive national and international networks.

“We trust Karen. She knows our organisation, respects our staff and their capabilities. Her approach is based on knowledge and experience – not a one-size-fits-all formula.” – Executive Manager, Higher Education

“A great listener who brings calm and clarity when situations appear overwhelming.” – Senior Executive, Environmental Sustainability

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