Developing strategy is a creative act designed to move an organisation towards an unknown future.

Understanding the difference between strategy and operations can be a challenge for leaders. It’s often easier to focus on tactics or specific actions because these are known and within a leader’s comfort zone. Corporate strategy is aspirational and less tangible.

Strategy is intrinsically linked to organisational culture – one reflects the other, an important aspect often overlooked by leaders.

Typically, there are multiple levels of strategy-making.

  • Corporate – Strategic Plan
  • Business – Strategic Business Plan
  • Functional – 1-3 year Plan and Budget
  • Operational – Annual Plan and Budget

Long-term plans provide all people in the organisation with confidence in the future.

Without long-term plans people are left to second guess business directions, creating uncertainty and unfocussed effort.

Karen Delvin coaches leaders and teams to develop the skills and confidence to:

  • craft strategic and business plans
  • develop workforce plans
  • create and communicate vision, mission and values
  • align business strategy and culture.

“Planning with Karen was a profound leadership learning experience. She led us through a maze, challenging us when we reached an intersection, and allowing us to make the decisions.” – Executive Manager, Higher Education

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