BI_Illust_Pri_ChangeLeaders seek coaching because they want to improve performance – their own, their team’s or that of their organisation.

Karen Delvin helps leaders to recognise the value in connecting and aligning strategic change and leadership practice. Typical performance outcomes are:


  • Meaningful purpose, values and vision for the organisation
  • Skills in leading and motivating people to higher performance
  • Critical thinking and effective decision making
  • Ability to influence people to align with organisational goals


  • Improved teamwork and cooperation
  • Better team synergy and innovation
  • Resilience


  • Improved financial outcomes
  • High safety record
  • Quality customer service
  • Improved resilience and adaptability

Karen Delvin believes that new thinking and new approaches increase the probability of discovering solutions to tomorrow’s problems. Improvement can occur organically, and less tangible outcomes may include:

  • becoming comfortable with learning new ways of thinking
  • unlearning old habits
  • reframing thinking and shifting mindsets
  • appreciating the value of learning with others
  • being comfortable with not knowing all the answers
  • gaining new perspectives on what motivates people.

“Karen coached me through a tenuous relationship with a manager that could have resulted in me leaving the business. Through our work together I began to manage the relationship better, step back from the emotion, stand up for my professional needs and rights, gain more confidence and improve my performance.” – Global Marketing Manager, Engineering

“Karen gave us the tools, courage and improved internal relationships to ensure the change program’s success.” – Senior Executive, Insurance

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