BI_Illust_Pri_Leadership A leader’s behaviour strongly influences organisational performance through the way they:

  • define and model the culture
  • craft the organisational strategy
  • authorise investments, resourcing and measurement
  • adapt business activities and manage staff expectations.

Effective contemporary leaders are adaptive; they handle ambiguity and uncertainty.

Adaptive leaders take on the gradual and meaningful process of change. They value and model intangible qualities, such as:

  • shared and distributed leadership throughout the organisation
  • tolerance for a diverse talent mix and differing opinions
  • openness, transparency, and vulnerability
  • mutual trust throughout the organisation.

Effective leaders master tangible abilities, such as:

  • defining and linking organisational purpose, culture, and strategy
  • leading by example and holding others to account
  • coaching others to high performance.

Working at board and executive level, and with young high potential leaders, Karen Delvin coaches individuals and teams to develop these skills and achieve what works for them in their business.

A skilful and experienced practitioner, Karen Delvin draws upon research and leadership theory, which she has applied in many workplaces. This includes:

  • psychodynamic theory and systems thinking
  • action research and action learning principles
  • emotional intelligence and leadership resilience
  • brain science and neuro-leadership.

“I’ve learned that delegation, and the support and development of staff is now more important than being the technical expert.” – Senior Executive, Insurance

“Working with Karen, I developed confidence in my ability to work with difficult people, understanding the boundaries of my role as a leader and when to call on professional expertise.” – Global Marketing Manager, Engineering

“Karen enabled me to define my leadership value and style. Karen helped me understand how my empowering and intuitive leadership style complemented other leadership styles to the benefit of the business.” – Senior Executive, Environmental Sustainability

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