BI_Illust_Pri_LearningDrawing on experience in leading organisational transformation projects, Karen Delvin has honed a successful coaching model and strategic advice practice that energises leaders to achieve superior performance.

Through coaching, Karen Delvin helps leaders develop and operationalise strategy, giving them the tools to build team commitment. The results are tangible – improved performance for leaders, teams, and the business.

Karen Delvin delivers customised coaching programs that focus on leadership, strategy and performance.

Developing leadership capability includes:

  • executive coaching for individual and team
  • leadership assessment
  • strategic leadership skills
  • change and culture leadership
  • performance planning.

Providing strategic advice includes processes and implementation for:

  • strategic planning
  • annual business planning
  • workforce planning
  • culture change planning.

Using internationally recognised diagnostics to provide leaders with powerful insights into thinking and behaviour including:

  • Human Synergistics: LSI and Leadership Impact
  • The Leadership Circle: Profile 360-degree assessment
  • Corporate Transformation: Leadership Values Assessment
  • Human Synergistics: Organisation Culture and Effectiveness Inventories
  • The Leadership Circle: Culture Survey
  • Corporate Transformation: Culture Values Assessment.

“Through our intensive coaching program, we achieved a remarkable shift in the resilience and courage of our leaders. Our workforce gained a highly supportive and focused leadership through an unchartered period in our history.” – Senior Executive, Insurance

“Karen’s perspectives are invaluable for leaders looking to increase the diversity of thinking in decision-making and to make their workplaces more welcoming for a range of people.” – Senior Executive, Environmental Sustainability

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